Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley: Watch Pacquiao-Mosly Live Streaming here

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Eight division champion and pound for pound king Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao will try to defend his Welterweight Championship belt against hall of fame boxer and three time division champion Sugar Shane Mosley, live at the MGM Grand Arena.

Pacquiao vs Mosley: Weigh in Video

Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao VS Sugar Shane Mosley - weigh in video footage from FIGHTYPE.COM

As both fighters got to the stage, they had all the support from the fans.  But it was Manny Pacquiao's name that got the building rocking.

Pacquiao will be defending his welterweight (147 lbs) title tomorrow against hall of fame boxer Sugar Shane Mosley.  Both boxers got into the scales for the weigh in prior to the fight, with Mosley weighing at 147 lbs and Pacquiao weighing 145 lbs.

Mosley as a boxer has high praises for the Filipino Champion, and Manny as well, doesn't take Mosley for granted for he knows what power Mosley can bring to the ring.  Pacquiao trained hard for this fight as Mosley takes this fight as the greatest fight he will ever embark.  Both fighters has respect with each other, as they were all sport and even smiling on stage.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley: Does Manny Pacquiao Possess Killer Instinct?

LAS VEGAS -- Don't get Manny Pacquiao angry. You would not like him when he's angry.

So don't say something that's going to tick him off prior to a fight, especially if you are the eight-division champion's upcoming opponent.

According to Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach, that sort of thing might just earn you a butt-kicking.

"Trash talking. Manny just doesn't like that. He's never done that. If there is any trash talking, then it's by me," said Roach, a five-time Trainer of The Year.

"If I predict a knockout, it's not trash talking, it's just because I have confidence in my fighter," said Roach. "But Manny won't say that he's going to knock anybody out because he respects everyone that he fights."

That certainly is true about five-time champion Shane Mosley (46-6-1, 39 knockouts), who, on Saturday night, will try to lift from Pacquiao (52-3-2, 38 KOs) the WBO welterweight belt.

Although Mosley has promised to dictate an all-action fight, Pacquiao has not perceived anything that has come out of the challenger's mouth as offensive.

That was not the case, however, on Dec. 6 of 2008, the last time the 32-year-old Pacquiao said that he entered the ring and fought with a disdain for an opponent.

That rival was ex-world champion, Oscar De La Hoya, whose face Pacquiao pummeled into a bloody pulp on the way to a brutal, eighth-round knockout that forced De La Hoya to retire on his stool.

"Going into that fight, when he signed the gloves before the fight," said Pacquiao, explaining his focused anger, "he signed them and he put 'I'm going to knock you out.'"

Although Pacquiao inflicted a vicious beating on De La Hoya, Roach said that there were points within the fight where Roach felt compelled to implore Pacquiao to inflict the damage.

"I said, 'Manny, it's your job to knock him out.' And I had to tell him because I saw him pull up and take it easy on Oscar," said Roach.

"But I reminded him, 'It's your job to knock him out.' And he went out and he did it," said Roach. "Manny sat down on his punches and started throwing hard shots and so forth."

Roach said, however, that Pacquiao's response against De La Hoya was in sharp contrast to that of his last bout -- November's one-sided, unanimous decision over Antonio Margarito for the since-vacated WBC junior welterweight belt.

"When I asked Manny to knock out Margarito, he chose not to," said Roach. "Manny said that there was no need to hurt him."

This, despite some pre-fight mockery from Margarito's camp concerning the physical health of Roach, who has Parkinsons' syndrome.

Instead, the deeply religious Pacquiao wished blessings upon Margarito -- "I prayed for him" -- before beating his rival senseless during much of their fight and easing up over the final stages.

"Manny Pacquiao, in the Margarito fight, he became friendly with Margarito," said Roach. "In the 11th and 12th round, Manny's asking him if he's okay, and Margarito was nodding his head, 'Yes,' to him."

Still, Pacquiao's hammering of Margarito was comprised of 474 total punches, with 411 of them being power punches. The resulting damage was that Margarito's eyes were nearly closed shut and his fractured right orbital bone required 75 minutes of surgery to repair.

"Manny told me after the fight, 'You know, this is a sport,'" said Roach. "He said, 'I was in complete control of that fight.' I did not have to hurt him.'"

But does Pacquiao have that killer instinct to finish off an opponent?

"I always have had an instinct in the fight -- that killer instinct," said Pacquiao. "Especially if I hurt the guy."

That assertion appears to have been evident during Pacquiao's knockouts of Ricky Hatton, and, Miguel Cotto, respectively, in the second and 12th rounds of bouts that took place in May and November of 2009.

Pacquiao said that he will do the same against Mosley if the opportunity arises.

"If the knockout comes, then it will come," said Pacquiao. "But I'm not looking for a knockout. What I'm just looking for and focused on is to fight good and to do my best in the ring."

Roach expects as much.

"Manny's working harder for this fight than any fight that I've ever seen. Why? Because he knows that this is not an easy fight," said Roach.

"Manny respects Shane Mosley and he knew from Day One that this was not an easy fight," said Roach. "Manny has watched Shane his whole life and he respects him. He knows that he can't cut any corners with this guy."

Ask when the last time he perceived an opponent to be as much of a threat as is Mosley, Pacquiao answered, "De La Hoya."


Pacquiao vs Mosley: Mosley has answer to Pacquiao

Shane Mosley's trainer Naazim Richardson believes he has unlocked the key to spring a surprise on Manny Pacquiao on Saturday.

Richardson, who is credited with finding the flaws that helped Bernard Hopkins upset the previously unbeaten Felix Trinidad, said he's found Pacquiao's Achilles' heel.

Mosley vs Pacquiao | Pacquiao vs Mosley
Mosley (46-6-1 39KOs) is the clear underdog to beat the champion Pacquiao (52-3-2 38KOs) who will put his WBO welterweight belt on the line at the MGM Grand.

"May 8, we'll talk about it," Richardson told the LA Times while declining to reveal exactly what Pacquiao's weakness was.

"You know, like in school, when they'd give you an answer to a problem you'd been having a tough time with. The answer is so simple you feel stupid."

Richardson apparently made the discovery while studying both new and old DVDs of Pacquiao fights, and remains confident Mosley will put the information to good use to stun the boxing world.

"I understand this is a legendary fighter, but how didn't people see this?" he said.

"[Pacquiao's] speed is incredible, we got that. But if a bullet misses you, it's harmless."

Meanwhile, Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach openly admitted on Thursday during a round-table discussion with reporters that the Filipino does have "some bad habits," but they're usually compensated by his speed and power advantage, along with his ability to fight with both hands.

"We work on [flaws] every day," Roach said.

"There's no perfect fighter out there; everyone has an opening."
In quotes used by the LA Times, Roach even leaked that Pacquiao is poised to strike when Mosley tries to unleash his left hook.

"If you counter that right, you can knock him out," Roach said.

Victory for Mosley on Saturday would be biggest of the 39-year-old's career. Mosley may be a world champion in three weight divisions (including two wins over Oscar de la Hoya) but at this stage of his career winning the WBO welterweight title would be the icing on the cake.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley: Mosley Will Attack Early, Pacquiao Will Be Ready - Roach

Trainer Freddie Roach is promising an agressive Manny Pacquiao on Saturday night, when the Filipino champion defends his WBO welterweight title against former three division champion Shane Mosley at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Roach expects Mosley to bring the fight to Pacquiao in the early rounds, because he believes stamina will be an issue for Mosley as the fight moves along.

"Manny will be aggressive with Shane. Shane is a dangerous fighter with one-punch knockout power. I think he's going to come after Manny early. I think he knows his opportunity to knocked Manny out will be in the first four rounds because he knows that later in the fight his legs will go. I can expect him to attack us with his power but we'll be ready for it," Roach told

Roach is not underestimating Mosley by paying too much attention to his recent performances against Sergio Mora and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"I don't pay too much attention to that. Fighters have looked bad in fights before and then come back. It's part of life," Roach said. "But I think we will break him down as the fight goes along and I hope that Manny can be the first guy to knock him out."

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley: Pacquiao will not take Mosley challenge lightly

There was no hint that Manny Pacquiao was taking "Sugar" Shane Mosley lightly as he addressed the media in an international conference call a week before their 12-round title bout on May 7 (May 8 in Manila) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao, boxing's reigning pound-for-pound king, will defend his World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title against ex-champion Mosley

Despite the former eight-division champ Pacquiao being seven years younger than the 39-year-old former three-division title holder Mosley, the fighting congressman from the lone district of Sarangani province said he doesn't see his opponent as an old target.

"Shane Mosley is still strong and he moves like [he's] 29 years old," said Pacquiao, who holds a record of 52-3-2 (38 knockouts). "He's the kind of fighter that you can't underestimate. He's bigger in size than me and stronger. He's a former pound-for-pound champ and still good."

Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach, who will receive his fifth Trainer of the Year award the night before the fight at the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) Annual Awards Dinner, was also cautious in counting out the future Hall of Famer.
"Mosley brings speed, power and all that," said Roach. "He's got a good team behind him and we have a good challenge in front of us. Manny is motivated for a reason, because he respects Mosley. That's what excites me about it.

"The first five rounds will be very critical and the way we attack him will have a lot of thought behind it. If we just walk in he'll counter punch the hell out of us."

Mosley, 46-6-1 (39 KOs), hasn’t been impressive in his last two outings, which include a one-sided decision loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. and a draw with the unheralded Sergio Mora. 

Still, Mosley said he relishes being the underdog. In his biggest wins – a knockout of Antonio Margarito and two decisions over Oscar de la Hoya – Mosley was a prohibitive underdog.

"They said Margarito was going to kill me. People said they were scared for my health and all that crap. I had about three different things going on in my life, including a divorce. But I just listened to myself and came out with the victory," said Mosley.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley: Ariza Expects Mosley To Start Breaking By Round Five

SOURCE: Boxing Scene

Manny Pacquiao’s conditioning coach, Alex Ariza, expects Shane Mosley to begin breaking down by the fifth round of the upcoming fight which is scheduled for May 7 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He feels Pacquiao will begin to overwhelm Mosley with speed and power by the midway point. Ariza saw the same thing happen in Mosley loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in May or 2010. Mosley was very dangerous in the early rounds but then his stamina broke down after six rounds.

Alex Ariza | Pacman vs Mosley

“This fight will not go the distance. I hardly ever predict fights. Freddie Roach is better at that then I am, but you will see many advantages for us in this fight, but the biggest one you will see will come in the fifth or sixth round and beyond,” Ariza wrote in his blog.

Ariza also wrote that Mosley made a very big mistake by holding his training camp at the high altitude location of Big Bear, California.

"High altitude training not always good. "By the time Shane Mosley steps in the ring, his body will already have become accustomed to the lower altitude. Shane’s body will automatically get used to the higher levels of oxygen that you breathe in the lower climates. There will be no benefit to what Shane tried to accomplish… All Shane Mosley did was sacrifice muscle, strength, and speed for no reason,” Ariza said.